Partners, not clients. We believe the best way to build lasting value for companies and individuals we’re approached by, as well as for ourselves, is to foster long-term partnerships.

Meet the founders

Krzysztof Kraszewski

Open-minded, value-focused tech consultant, software developer and leader with a knack for product management, workflow optimisation, and clear communication. Driven by the need to collaboratively create beautiful, functional products that have a social impact and contribute to people’s lives significantly. Building applications since the age of 12, Krzysztof today has unparalleled understanding of data-driven development of adaptive digital products, having studied nearly every aspect of it along the way to his more recent commercial successes. Able to construct future-proof mobile and web apps with ultra-careful attention to code quality and maintainability. His main stack is JS, React, React Native, Node.js; he’s also proficient in Swift, Kotlin, Go, Python, and Ruby. Worked with several clients from a broad range of industries; Netguru, Shepper, Merck, Countr, Quik, Semilac, Keto-Mojo, Audience Intelligence, to name a few.

Pawel Utr

An accomplished design leader and writer with a background in linguistics and marketing. Pawel is a product consultant passionate about building unforgettable brands and smart, intuitive, engaging, interactive experiences that empower people and drive business growth. An aptitude for problem solving, languages, and storytelling. A deep understanding of intricacies of human communication, empathy level that scares some, and a passion for diversity and inclusion matters. Over eight years in the industry officially, however he built thriving online communities as well as put up and ran complex web portals more than 10 years ago, at 15. Ran workshops, strategised with clients across a wide set of industries, shaped successful marketing and election campaigns, built strong brands, designed websites, web and mobile apps, illustration pieces, and materials for print. Worked with Netguru, Leantesting, DatacloudAI, Cambridge Cancer Genomics, Keller Williams Realty, Foodetective, Zety, Untill, Mailgun, and more.

How we deliver


We rely on research and credible data to inspire positive change in your business and the experience of all who interact with your brand.


Your bottom line benefits from our bulletproof validation methods introduced in the initial phase of the project. We test solutions continuously, at every stage of the product cycle.


Defining the scope of work for a given assignment synergistically, project roadmapping, delivery of a time & cost estimate. Providing a solid foundation for our collaboration.


We work in the Time & Materials model. Our proposals and contracts feature a billing system flexible enough to allow for adapting to evolving project needs. Everything is tracked to ensure full transparency on our end.


Market leaders are great at adapting. That’s why we promote and encourage an iterative process pre- and post-release. We test meticulously but prefer shipping to perfection. While we are strong believers in MLP (Minimum Lovable Product) over MVP (Minimum Viable Product), we understand delivering the complete vision most often takes multiple rounds.


Expect no big reveals, no chunky presentations full of surprises. Enjoy constant, everyday access to tracking the team’s progress instead.


Working as a team extension, focusing on speed to market without compromising quality. Iterating with users’ benefits and your bottom line in mind, for the biggest impact possible.


Always striving to optimise workflows and processes; one, however tiny, improvement at a time. Ensuring lasting relevance of your social and user value by effective idea validation and brand positioning. Your business’s success and its longevity means we’ve done a good job.

The WAYF Collective

A meticulously curated network of experienced developers, designers, testers, artists, product experts, marketing wizards, and security masters. We know them all personally, we’ve completed projects together and gathered immaculate feedback from happy clients.

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